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SSWIM Meeting -- June 14, 2017

Members Present: Selena Carter-Tetteh, Curtisha Wilson, Kelley Keyser, Jennifer Simms, Francesca Compagnone, Adria Pollack, Steve Mednick, Kara Silber


  1. Conference Updates

    • Discussed keynote speaker options

      • Wendy Shaia- SWCOS, community schools, affiliated with UMD SSW-Option 1

      • Mike Woolley-UMD professor, school social work expertise –Option 2

      • Sonia Santelises-Option 3

    • Discussed Additional speaker for a breakout session or 4th option as a keynote-Cia Kyrierkerkos-Teacher of the Year who can likely speak on the topic of collaborating between teachers and related services to educate the child holistically. She would also be free of charge.

    • Board discussed high cost of break out session speaker Sarah Nadiv who is charging us $1,000.00 currently for 2 hours of speaking

    • Selena agreed to take and be in charge of the SSWIM tablecloths; we agreed as a board to pay to have them cleaned and she agreed to take the SSWIM tri-fold board

    • Board agreed unanimously that the break out session format is preferred over the panel

    • Board agreed that the brochure for the conference needs to be available for distribution at BCPSS back to school PD 8/29/2017


   2. Action Steps:

  • Jennifer will email Kara a template for emailing potential keynote speakers

  • Kara will then email Wendy as our first option to see if she would work as a keynote speaker and get back with the group

  • Steve will speak with Cia and report back to the group via email

  • Jennifer and Steve will discuss keynote speaker options, Sarah Nadiv’s fee, the breakout session format preference at the joint committee meeting


   3. SSWAA Conference Update

  • 7pm 7/21-7/23 11am Delegate Assembly; Embassy Suites Alexandria, VA –meeting to discuss topics related to SSW and assist with the vision of SSWAA-No fee to attend, Hotel room rates are $169/night (deadline 6/29)**

  • 1pm 7/23-7/25 same location and hotel information. Fee for attending $150-which will be covered by SSWIM-meeting will discuss Advocacy in Action: Voicing a Need for Change Raising Awareness of School Mental Health


   4. Action Steps:

  • Jennifer agreed to attend for the first portion if no one else could go

  • Kelley expressed interest in the second portion

  • Question was raised about SSWIM assisting with hotel cost-Kara will email Pat to ask her this and to see who is our delegate


   5. Financial Report

  • checking account balance - $4,709.54

  • CD balance $5,018.29

  • Check received from NASW for the 2016 SSWIM conference-2,868.00

    • SSWIM P.O. Box office address was provided to Jennifer to give to NASW so next time check can be mailed promptly after conference

    • Jennifer will ask Daphne who Selena should make the $1000.00 check out to for the lobbyist fee


   6.  Legislative Update

  • Lobbyist training for a visit to the Hill in Annapolis is scheduled for Wed Jan 3rd 5-8pm. We would like to open this up to all social workers, offer CEUs and see if we need to reserve the auditorium at PDC for this event depending on interest. We would also like to put out a save the date for this event.

   7.  Other business

  • Board agreed to continue separately from the NASW joint committee with Jennifer and Steve continuing to attend the joint committee meetings for the sake of planning the conference and legislative events

  • PDC will be rented for the SSWIM meetings moving forward

  • Kara will reserve the rooms for the year

  • The board agreed to explore other options for the SW month dinner other than Gertrude’s


   8.  Summer Break

  • Please think about our mission and vision for SSWIM that we can champion and move forward with including how we differentiate from SWA, increase membership and events for members


Next Meeting: Wednesday September 13, 2017 4-5pm

PDC, room to be determined


Thank you and have a wonderful summer!

SSWIM Meeting -- May 17, 2017

Members in attendance: Monica King, Jennifer Simms, Curtisha Wilson, Selena Carter-Tetteh

Members participating by phone: Kara Silber, Pat Childs


We are sad to report that Monica King has decided to step down as president. As a result, the positions have shifted to account for her absence. These positions will be held until the next election is held in October. The current positions are as follows:

  • Kara Silber – President

  • Francesca Compagnone – Vice President

  • Selena Carter-Tetteh – Treasurer

  • Secretary – We will share this duty until the election in October.


Finance Update

  • Checking Balance - $4,709.54

  • CD Balance - $5,018.29


Items to note: Taxes were filed for this year on 4/27/2017

Funds spent: 4/10/17 - $45.00 (Post Office Box)

                       4/27/17 – $4.00 (Parking Outside State Department)


Joint Committee Meeting Update

  • Jennifer and Steve attended the Joint Committee meeting last week. They focused on potential speakers for the October conference.

  • Jennifer and Gail received a response from Catherine Pugh regarding their letter (in support of school social workers) written in response to Mayor Pugh’s comments related to the need for an increased number of psychologists in the schools.

  • An email from Jennifer was forwarded by me (with an attachment) to SSWIM board members on 5/22/17 with information related to the conference and potential speakers.

  • Jennifer and Steve have volunteered to continue to attend the monthly Joint Committee meetings.

  • Jennifer noted that our collaboration with the Joint Committee is very important (all agreed).

General Information

  • The need to increase membership was discussed. Monica was asked to assist with membership as a SSWIM member because of her past experience assisting organizations with building membership numbers. She said she would consider the offer.

  • Pat noted that any SSWIM board member can attend the Delegate Assembly this July in Virginia (their way will be paid).

  • The next meeting will be scheduled in June. Kara will send a follow-up email with this information.

  • Selena volunteered to take the minutes during the next meeting. Curtisha offered to assist with a future meeting.