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(Voted by membership at 6th Annual Conference 10/29/10)



ARTICLE I  -  Name


The name of this organization shall be the School Social Workers in Maryland hereafter referred to as SSWIM, Inc.


ARTICLE II -  Mission Statement


SSWIM  is dedicated to promoting the profession of School Social Work in Maryland and the professional development of School Social Workers in order to enhance the educational experiences of students and their families.




  1. The purpose of SSWIM shall be:

  2. To represent and enhance the profession of School Social Work in Maryland.

  3. To advocate for high quality services and programs for students, their families, and schools within the educational and broader community

  4. To promote professional development

  5. To encourage research in School Social Work and facilitate resource sharing

  6. To explain the purpose of  School Social Work to the community and to disseminate information regarding SSWIM .

  7. To influence public policy and educational issues.


ARTICLE IV- Membership


SECTION 1- Membership in SSWIM shall be open to all School Social Workers and students enrolled in college level study of social work in Maryland and all other interested professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in the provision of School Social Work services in Maryland and who support the goals of the organization. 


SECTION 2- Membership extends for one year beginning with the date on the membership application until that date the following year.


SECTION 3- Membership dues, in the amount specified by the Board of Directors, shall be paid annually.  A portion of  the membership dues, the amount to be determined by the Board of Directors, will be reserved for SSWIM and a portion may be sent to the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA).


SECTION 4- Policies and procedures relating to membership matters shall be determined by the Board of Directors.


SECTION 5- Membership in SSWIM  may be terminated by either one of the following conditions:

a) resignation in writing to the SSWIM secretary

b) failure to pay annual dues

c) suspension of license by the Maryland Board of Social Work Examiners

d) non-conformance to the definition of member as defined in Article IV, Section 1


SECTION 6- Each member in good standing whose dues are paid for the current year shall be entitled to one vote on issues requiring the vote of the SSWIM membership.


ARTICLE V - Amendments


SECTION I –  Amendments to the CONSTITUTION may be proposed by ten percent (10%) of the Board or by written petition signed by a simple majority of SSWIM members in good standing.


Amendments proposed by such petition shall be promptly considered by the Board and shall be submitted to the full membership with recommendation of the Board by the Secretary for a vote within six (6) months of the receipt by the Secretary of the petition.


SECTION II -The CONSTITUTION may be amended after a copy of the proposed amendment has been sent electronically or by mail by the Secretary to each member in good standing, accompanied by a ballot for or against the proposed action to be taken or by a vote at the annual SSWIM meeting.


The notice shall specify a day not less than thirty (30) days after the date of mailing by which said ballot must be returned to the Secretary to be counted or the place and time of a SSWIM  meeting at which the vote on the amendment will be taken.


The favorable vote of two thirds (2/3) of the members in good standing whose ballots are returned within the time limit or two-thirds (2/3) of the members in good standing attending and voting at the meeting shall immediately effect any such amendment.